Nursery (2.5-3.5 years)

Nursery is the group for children where they start to make memories in the classrooms and apart from making memories; they explore and learn things which are essential for their better upliftment and grooming. We offer quality education in the early years which helps to lay the foundation for the overall development of child. The theme-based curriculum designed for nursery group children provides a right beam of activities to help kids to achieve their goals in early years.

In nursery, we start by creating informal learning which makes them prepare for the formal education. There, they get to engage themselves with other children and together they explore, learn, grow, and develop using different methodologies. During this early childhood education, we teach them distinctive features about school and teach them that school is the best and safe place to explore things in new and exciting ways.

At this nook of time, we are involved in various activities such as reading, writing, number recognition,word-power, vocabulary drill and a lot more.

Activities involved in Nursery :
Story Time
Story time
Poem recitation
Phonetic Drill
Free play using technology
Library Time

Key Areas and Skill development :
Personality Development
Better Learning Power
Grooming and Development
Cognitive and Motor Skill Development
Theme-based Books
Word Power
Phonetic Drill
Clarity Programs

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