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Welcome to Little Planet Pre-School

Little Planet Pre School is India’s 1st preschool network, to merge the Montessori learning approach with the play way method and advanced digitization. With this advanced primitive amalgamation of learning methodologies, LPPS has focused on child centric education and early intervention framework.

The network of Little Planet Pre Schools has been rationally strengthening the vertebrae of a progressive early childhood learning approach with more than 1, 10,000 children as our endorsers across a network of 62+ Branches nationwide.

Little Planet Pre School is an avant-grade preschool brand , setting the benchmark in preschooling landscape. Little Planet Pre School has been initiated by Mr. Rajesh Gupta who is the country's leading educationist with over 35 years of combined experience in the field of education.

  • Little Planet Pre School is the oldest Preschool network   in India, established in 1999
  • Little Planet Pre School is Delhi's No.1 Preschool with 42+ branches in Delhi & NCR
  • Little Planet Network is spread across 10 states and union territories
  • Little Planet Pre School is the most sought after preschool by more than 2,00,000 parents across different regions
  • The Little Planet Network is managed by a team of well qualified eduprenuers with a massive experience of over 35 years
  • Little Planet Pre School is registered trade mark under The Trade Mark Act - 1999
  • Shera’ is the Registered Brand Ambassador of Little Planet Pre Schools

Our Services

Little planet preschool is one of the most prominent names in the Education Sector, where children are treated as per their uniqueness. Children start to learn various things and explore the world around them in their initial years and emotional, social, physical and spiritual needs of a child are calculated, judged and nurtured during the initial preschool years in levels like playgroup, nursery, LKG.

Little Planet Preschool is one of the prominent names among preschool educators where all the children are treated as per the uniqueness and distinct methodologies. We have one unique preschool program which helps to design and strengthen various different skills like problem solving and reasoning. Little planet actually helps students to develop various abilities in personality grooming and mind-skill activities and a lot more.

Nursery is the group for children where they start to make memories in the classrooms and apart from making memories; they explore and learn things which are essential for their better upliftment and grooming. We offer quality education in the early years which helps to lay the foundation for the overall development of child. The theme-based curriculum designed for nursery group children provides a right beam of activities to help kids to achieve their goals in early years.

This level is best suited for the children with age group between 4 to 5 years. Here, with this age group and in our school, we provide them a designed framework of curriculum with distinct scientific methodologies which helps them in the better development and grooming of the child.

Leaving your child in day care is tough decision, though it is the most demanding decision taken by working mothers. Day care is a structured institution where basic and broad needs of toddlers become essential for proper physical, cognitive and social development.

Nursery Teacher Training plays a pivotal role in running the nursery teacher education industry. The environment offered at Nursery Teacher Training consists of various kinds of designed materials for development which involves young kids to get engaged in learning their self-preferred activities. Here, with the proper framework, the student’s progress at their own rhythm and pace which is eventually based on individual capabilities

B.ed stands for an undergraduate academic a course known as Bachelor of Education. It is a course offered by various universities for those who are interested in pursuing career in teaching. Its duration generally lasts for 2 years. The B.ed degree course is mandatory for teaching in higher primary schools and high schools. The statutory body that regulates courses in teaching in India is National Council for Teacher Education.

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