Day Care

Day Care

Leaving your child in day care is tough decision, though it is the most demanding decision taken by working mothers. Day care is a structured institution where basic and broad needs of toddlers become essential for proper physical, cognitive and social development. Day care is highly organized with competent and trained staff. Here, in the little planet preschool, we offer distinct facilities where children from 18 months onwards up to 10 years are taken care of, in absence of their parents.

Little Planet Preschool day care program is procured to provide a safe, healthy and welcoming environment where your baby can develop and thrive from a bundle of joy to curiosity. Our toddler’s care program has developmental and confined curriculum that invites scrutiny and further helps the tiny tots to become self-directed and self-individuals.

What do we do?
Help the toddlers in their personal grooming and developmental skills.
Develop fine motor skills and environment to grow and step out of the world.
Explore the environment filled with different experiences of sights, sounds and textures.

Operating Hours - Our hours of operation are Monday to Saturday from 8am to 7pm. We are open throughout the year including school holidays excluding national holidays and major festivals like Diwali etc.

What do we provide? - Little Planet preschool day care provides high facilities keeping in mind the necessities of the toddlers.
The rooms are air conditioned and extremely spacious with each child having individual bedding provided for nap and sleeping.
A separate indoor and outdoor space is available for playing and other activities.
The area for play area has been designed with sand pits, white boards, swings, slides, splash pool, Audio Video Audi etc.

What's cooking in the kitchen?
The kitchen of little planet preschool offers unblemished services and a fresh, delicious and nutritious meal every time. Every type of food is cooked in Olive oil keeping mind the quality of food.
Menu is always pre-planned for the whole month in advance.
Fresh fruits and vegetables are offered to the child every day.
Lunch, Evening snacks, Milk is provided to kids
The menu is planned in a distinctive manner for the toddlers to make it appealing to eat.

Skills and programs covered during the premises
Talking and Listening
Physical Development
Recitation Club
Moral, developmental and Value Education
Home Work assistance
Test preparation
Basic etiquettes

Activities in Little Planet Day Care
CCTV Equipped Premises (Monitoring 24 hours)
On demand live streaming
AC Rooms with theme based walls
Educational Ailments like Dancing, Drawing, Story time, Movie Time

Facilities at Little Planet Preschool Day Care
Child friendly environment
Trained and experienced Care Takers
Fully AC and transport facility available
Separate Beddings for individual child
Open Play Area activities like Dance, Art and Craft, Rides , Ball Pool
Cooking in proper hygiene with planned menu
All activities under fine supervision of trained and experienced teachers
Every day activity schedule is different
Dust free and sound proof sleeping area for kids.
Day care will remain open for 365 days, except Sundays and gazette holidays.
On demand Day Care Facility
Day Care on hourly basis
Homework assistance
School test preparation
Transport pick up from formal schools
Parent's suggestions or complaints are always welcomed. Feel free to share one of yours too.
Help children to learn table manners and basic etiquettes.


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