At Little Planet, we use a well researched and thoughtfully developed curriculum derived by amalgamation of different approaches by Maria Montessori, Gardner and Frobel.  

·          Montessori Method develops an environment where child can be developed physically, cognitively, emotionally and socially. In accordance to the same we have aligned our curriculum with Montessori techniques to ensure the development of each little planetarian – physically, cognitively, socially and emotionally.

·          Gardner developed the concept of Multiple Intelligence, viewing human intelligence with different modalities like – rhythmic, spatial, linguistic, logical, kinesthetic, interpersonal, intrapersonal, naturalistic, existential and additional intelligence rather than being dominated by single general ability.

·          According to Frobel play is the work of children. He proposed that child understand his needs and goals while playing. So it’s very fruitful to teach children while they play. While playing the environment is very relaxed making learning effective and fun.


Our curriculum is well researched and backed by technology making Little Planet Pre School India’s only digitalized preschool. Little Planet Pre School, Paschim Vihar uses –

·          Shera Smart Class

·          Shera Concept Lab – Tablet based learning

·          Smart Talking Books & Stylus

·          Computer Lab

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