Pre Nursery - 2.5 Years | Timings - 3 Hrs

Early Childhood education lays the foundation of formative years of schooling. Therefore it is important to choose a preschool that caters to the need of preschoolers with a scientifically designed curriculum.

Pre Nursery children are involved in various activities to ensure school readiness activities such as alphabet recognition, phonetics, number recognition, counting, problem solving with an array of engaging activities. Kids are encouraged to substantiate their learning through amalgamated activities.

Our main focus is to develop the preschoolers on –

·          Separation anxiety

·          Readiness for school

·          Phonetics awareness

·          Recognition of alphabets

·          Numbers and counting

·          Shapes and colors

·          Nutrition Awareness

·          Concept build up

·          Fine and Gross motor Skills


Activities Involved –

·          Montessori Activities

·          Story Telling & Rhyme Recitation

·          Concept Lab & Computers

·          Sand Pit Activity

·          Circle Time

·          Taekwondo

·          Dance, Yoga &  Aerobics

·          Smart Class

·          Talking Books & Pen

·          Orators

·          Crafty Monks

·          Write Right

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