Ours Classes

Our classrooms are designed with respect to the age brackets:

Tiny Todds': sufficient of floor space to move around and explore with toys to stimulate development.
Pre-schoolers: Social interaction, creative spirit, exploration, chances and opportunity to test independence.
Neat Place :Cleanliness is crucial for health and development of our kids therefore we take significant precautions to restore a germ free enviornment

  • All Staff members sanitize their hands on regular intervals
  • We disinfect all places that kids come in contact with.
  • All toys are disinfected on a regular basis.
Security and Safety – Our Major Priority
To keep it simple and straight - providing a safe and secure space to our kids is our first most priority. We take each and every precaution to keep kids secure, jolly and healthy.

Every place has prescribed protocol which are strictly enforced -
  • Well Secured entrances and lobby - entrance is equipped with an electronic lock where parents and visitors are greeted at the door to sign in.
  • Visitor precautions. For all unfamiliar visitors a valid Photo ID is required. An authorized guardians coming to pick up the must show guardians card issued by school authorities.
  • All Safe Equipment’s and their regular monitoring to ensure all equipment’s are in good conditions.

Nutrition – Healthy Choices for Growing Kids : Our Meal Plans consist of a varied food options which meet daily nutritional needs of the kids. In case of change in pre-specifed meal plan nutrition value is kept in mind.

Meals are served home style and may include kids assisting in:
  • Setting Table
  • Serving Food
  • Cleaning up
View the sample weekly menu that offers examples of the healthy options we offer for breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack. We encourage children to sample new foods and taste what’s being served; however, we cannot require children to eat or punish them if they choose not to eat all foods served. Please speak with your school director if you have specific concerns because of:
  • Religious reasons
  • Special dietary needs
  • Allergies or other considerations

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